Day Care Injuries

There are many reasons children get hurt. Often, however, it is the negligence of a daycare provider who is to blame for a child’s injury or even death. Depending on the situation, families are justified in pursuing legal claims against a daycare facility to recover compensation for injuries and to establish accountability after a daycare facility breaks their trust.
Often the injuries are due to inadequate supervision at a daycare facility. Falls, ingestion of toxins and playground injuries are all common injuries that might be related to inadequate supervision. Injuries are common in younger children, because of their inexperience and they are less coordinated than older children. If an employee at a childcare facility is careless, the result can be serious or catastrophic injury. A childcare provider might leave the room for a moment, allowing children the opportunity to climb and fall from high surfaces. All states have requirements for teacher to child ratios that must be followed at all times at a day care facility.